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About Us

At SRPT, our experienced team of physical therapists uses advanced manual therapy techniques and prescriptive exercise programs that are designed especially for you. Whether you’re in pain or have been knocked off-course by an injury, we believe that the best, most effective treatments are one-on-one, administered by an experienced physical therapist who knows you. The physical therapist gets to know you and your unique situation.

“SRPT has been the defining ingredient for me when I competed once again in the world's toughest races. Dave and his team were happy to commit to an aggressive rehabilitation routine, and they always thought outside the box to find specific therapies that my body responded to. SPRT helped save my career!”

-Pete Stetina, Pro Tour Cyclist

Santa Rosa Physical Therapy for Cyclists

One-on-one treatment with an expert physical therapist.
Because every client has unique needs and goals, we believe in a continuum of care. A dedicated physical therapist will be there for you every visit, every step of the way, delivering customized, hands on-manual therapy techniques and corrective exercises that get to the nitty-gritty of your problem.  

No pre-canned protocols or generic exercise programs.
We listen and learn to find the source of your problem. Then we’ll help you find a solution—and an effective, personalized plan for getting there. This is not about temporary fixes: We want you to thrive, and not just to reach your goals but exceed them.  

A relaxed, positive environment.
We are passionate about physical therapy, and we take it very seriously. That said, a little laughter goes a long way. Physical therapy can be a challenging mountain to climb, with ups and downs along the way. We believe that a relaxed, comfortable setting, in which you can let your guard down and just be yourself, is the best environment for healing. 


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