Our therapists love to run, so they know all about running injuries and running mechanics from first-hand experience—in addition to extensive study in the area of biomechanics and running-form philosophies such as Chi Running, Natural Form Running, Pose Method, and others. Our running analysis includes slow-motion video capture on a treadmill and, in some cases, a natural running terrain outdoors. We identify the key components of your running form that are contributing to your problem and we’ll teach you how run more efficiently. This is where the magic begins. We combine the art of teaching and the science of biomechanics to give you simple tools and techniques that will help you go farther and faster—with less pain.  

“Santa Rosa Physical Therapy remains a great resource for me, both as an elite mountain ultra-runner as well as an endurance sports coach. A few years ago, Dave helped me understand why I was having the issues with my body that were impacting my running. After an extensive evaluation, I walked out of SRPT with a handful of exercises and a body-maintenance routine that specifically addressed my issues. Sticking to my routines has resulted in some of my best ultra-running performances. I take comfort in knowing that SRPT is there when I—or the athletes I coach---need them!”

-BOB SHEBEST, Professional Ultra Runner, Teacher, and Coach 

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