Services Provided by Santa Rosa Physical Therapy

All of our physical therapists are dedicated to helping you achieve great results. We take the time to listen to you and get to the source of your problem quickly. Our philosophy is that each patient is treated by a physical therapist, every time. Physical therapists are experts in human movement. We believe that a partnership between you and your physical therapist, focused on your goals, produces the best results for you!

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Get back to your sport quickly with the help of our experienced physical therapists. We specialize in endurance sports athletes from pro/ elite to recreational level. All are treated with a focused, hands-on approach to get to the source of your injury.

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Postoperative Care

We can help you recover from your surgery with an individualized, hands- on approach. Our physical therapists are experienced in a wide range of post-surgical rehabilitation programs from spine, shoulder, knee, hip and upper-extremity procedures.

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Cycling Injuries or Pain

We specialize in cycling injuries. Having your bike fit properly is critical to pain-free riding. We identify the source of your problem by identifying your injury and how it relates to your bike fit.

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Running Injury or Pain

We focus on the source of your running injury. Efficient running form is critical in treating these injuries. The key to success is finding the source. We will take the time to help you run injury-free.

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Chronic Back and Neck Pain

Our physical therapists will listen and help you identify the main contributing factors to your pain. We specialize in manual therapy and will take the time to work on you and also give you the tools to help yourself!

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Knee Pain

Knee pain can come in many forms. We like to approach knee problems by looking at the whole body, especially the alignment of hip, knee, and foot. No matter what your issue is, we will take the time to help you figure it out.

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Shoulder Pain

Whether you have had surgery or are trying to prevent it, we will give you the attention needed, and hands-on treatment to get your shoulder moving better. We have experience treating a wide range of shoulder problems.

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Triathlon Injury or Pain

Triathlon training can be hard on the body. Our experience treating cycing injuries, running injuries, bike fitting, and running analysis will help keep you on track, minimize time lost training, and improve performance.

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Lactate Threshold and Power Testing

SRPT is proud to sponsor the Red Peloton Cycling Team this year. Team captain and coach, Jonathan Lee will be performing periodic lactate threshold and power testing at Santa Rosa Physical Therapy this offseason and throughout 2011.

Jonathan Lee is a Cycling Coach who specializes in power-based training as well as heart-rate based training methodologies. His Knowledge of the various testing protocols (Vo2, FTP, Conconi, W/CdA) has been used by athletes around the world.

Pricing is $95 for LT/FTP (Lactate Threshold/Functional Threshold Power) testing. To set up an appointment call Jonathan Lee directly at (707) 322-3531.

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