“Congratulations on winning the "Best of Sonoma County" for Best Physical Therapist 2015! I voted for you because of the 1:1 time, personalized treatment plan, and the patience and friendliness of Lori and Jay”.

-LINDA, Amateur Runner

"As a professional cyclist, I know how important it is to have a physical therapist I can trust and who is knowledgeable about sports injuries. Dave and everyone at Santa Rosa PT have years of experience working with top athletes in the area. Thanks to Dave I was able to address my injuries early on, preventing any chronic pain, and ensuring optimal performance."

-LEVI LEIPHEIMER, Professional Cyclist

“Santa Rosa Physical Therapy remains a great resource for me, both as an elite mountain ultra-runner as well as an endurance sports coach. A few years ago, Dave helped me understand why I was having the issues with my body that were impacting my running. After an extensive evaluation, I walked out of SRPT with a handful of exercises and a body-maintenance routine that specifically addressed my issues. Sticking to my routines has resulted in some of my best ultra-running performances. I take comfort in knowing that SRPT is there when I—or the athletes I coach---need them!”

-BOB SHEBEST, Professional Ultra Runner, Teacher, and Coach 


“I came into SRPT with no clue what the next months would hold. I had been told that I would most likely need surgery, but I opted to try physical therapy first, Thanks to Dave and his amazing work my knee is stronger than it’s ever been—even before the injury! Not only did he help with my knee, but he also stuck with me through the anxiety I had at the beginning, enabling me to stick with the program through to the end—something I didn’t think would be possible. As an athlete in a sport in which crashing is just a part of everyday training. I can’t thank Dave, and everyone else at, SRPT for everything they have done for me. They really go above and beyond.”


“The exercises that Dave had me do were very, very useful for maintaining my physical self in surprisingly great condition for someone my age. SRPT is well-deserving of the ‘Best Physical Therapist’ award given at the 2015 Readers’ Choice awards. My balance problem was greatly helped."

-NAT KALLMAN, Avid Athlete


"My PT experience has been great. Both Dave and Danielle were very warm, personable and positive towards me and my progress. Their hands-on work was sensitive and responsive as well as strong and knowledgeable - I felt in good hands. 
Their instructions and review of my exercises were very clear and the videoing helped a lot. Before this round of PT I had trouble reaching my back with my right arm and couldn't fall asleep on my right side as the pain would come up. Now there's much more movement and less pain. Thanks so much!"


"The exercises that Dave had me do were very, very useful to maintain my physical self in surprisingly great condition, for someone my age. SRPT is well deserving of the "Best Physical Therapist" award given as the Readers Choice 2015 and shown in the Press Democrat. My problem with balance was greatly helped."



"SRPT has greatly helped me improve my core strength and lessen some of the uncomfortable symptoms of my spondylolisthesis. My back strength has also greatly improved and given me more stability in my daily activities. Danielle was great!"



"Great experience from the beginning. Never felt pushed beyond what I could do. Jason was a great mentor. Many thanks for the experience."


"In a car accident and my door was crushed in - jamming my entire left side elbow, knee and neck. Couldn't turn my head as my neck was so stiff. I am amazed and so thankful after many sessions with Dave I am pretty pain free and my head is able to turn from side to side without restriction. Sometimes a little stiff but after Dave's magic hands and doing my exercises it loosens up. Thank you Dr. Dave <3"


"Had a great time with treatment from a fellow cyclist - feeling much better too!"



"I cannot say enough about you all here at SRPT - first of all - friendly, warm and welcoming - which is very reassuring to a patient coming into a new experience of people and treatment! I came here with right hip pain, back pain and am leaving without hip pain and increased overall strength in movement and mobilization. God knows over the years I have had PT for bi-lateral hip replacements and bi-lateral knee replacements - so I can tell you the atmosphere here at SRPT is very welcoming, warm, professional and at the same time a "family" spirit experience which is very conducive to healing. I thank you for all you have done for me; Danielle."



"I am so much stronger than when I first came here! When I first came to SRPT, I had pain walking down hill or any time I sat or stood still. Now I can hike or sit all day long and most days I'm pain free. When I do have pain, I have learned many strategies to help stretch, adjust positioning of, and strengthen my muscles, alleviating pain."


"Dave and Jay were wonderful! This was the best PT experience I've ever had. In the past with PT I had extended recovery times. With SRPT I healed quickly and am on the path back to hiking and mountain biking."


"A medical professional advised I see Dave Townsend. I did and he got me on track with specialized exercises! I am now ready to go back to flying, stronger than ever. Dave was chosen as Best Physical Therapist 2015!"



"Thank you Jay for the help you gave me for my whiplash injury. Your therapy reduced the pain in my head and shoulders to a point that made it possible to return to work and sleep at night."




"While an auto accident sent me to SRPT and the treatment I received in connection with injury was excellent, the help I received also greatly increased my general fitness and well-being as well. I am taking away a good deal of knowledge and tools to help me maintain a better level of health and fitness into the future beyond the healing from my initial injury. Can highly recommend the staff and care that is available at SRPT."


"Amazing experience! Dave was always flexible in finding time for me whenever a new crisis popped up. SRPT is THE reason I made a successful return to Professional Cycling."



"The depth of Dave's work is astounding. In a short amount of time my ROM greatly improved far greater than any other PT I had gone to."



"Had a very positive experience with Dave and have relieved my pain during nighttime trying to get to sleep. Thanks so much. Back to running on the trails."


"Had trouble standing for more than 5 minutes or less. Now I can stand for much longer. I had pain lower back and tight band down my leg - almost every day. Sometimes I had to stay home & rest. Now I rarely have pain and I have learned hot to rest & sleep in a therapeutic manner. I can walk for 45 minutes now & before when I wasn't in pain walking stressed my back and 20 minutes would be  about the limit to my walking. Before I wasn't aware of how much emotional stress affected my back and now I do & I am inspired to "manage" those issues in my life so I don't allow myself to stress/cause inflammation/nerve impingement. Also David and Sarah are both gifted in the support & skills they offer. 5 stars!"



"Thanks Dave and the whole PT crew. You have done a fantastic job of getting me back into shape after my ACL repair only 6 months ago. I am now ready to start my serious training for my next triathlon. I feel I am 3 months ahead of schedule on my recovery. You have helped me strengthen and stabilize both my ACL repaired knee and my other knee. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to helping us get back to doing the activities that we love to do."



"Great! Wonderful process. Dave and Danielle are the best!"



"Dave helped me understand why I was having the issues with my body that were impacting my running. After an extensive evaluation I walked out of SRPT with a handful of exercises and a body maintenance routine, both which specifically addressed my issues. Since that time, I've stuck to the routines we established at SRPT and as a result, I've had some of my best ultra-running performances, including 2 wins at the Tahoe Rim Trail 100mi, a win at both Pine to Palm 100mi and San Diego 100mi, as well as a 2nd place finish at the highly competitive Run Rabbit Run 100mi in Colorado. I take comfort in knowing SRPT's there when I---or athletes I coach---need them! "



"Dave is a superman! He worked miracles with my back - something that had gone on for several years with no respite. He listens carefully using input from the patient and doctors. He's responsive and kind and extremely professional. His office staff, Sarah in particular, is efficient and empathetic. This has been a most positive experience."



"I am back to nearly 100%! I am an avid road cyclist and wanna be racer. Three months ago I was having chronic left knee and shoulder pain. Dave did a bike fit and made some changes. This was followed by many sessions and lots of exercises for me to do at home. Dave and Jay's integrated and hands on approach is awesome! I am free to fly!"



"After Battling with an assortment of running related issues for over a year on my own, with no success, I finally took sound advice from my training partners and met with Dave. Dave quickly identified what was going on and got me running again. He used a hands on approach to get my legs moving smoothly again and gave me a solid program to build strength and flexibility that was lacking in my training plan. Thanks Dave!"



"SRPT has been great in helping me with my balance issues and strength. Danielle us great to work with and very caring and supportive. It has been a pleasure coming here."



"I had a great experience here. Dave is a wonderful PT who takes his time with you and explained things well. I had trouble with my new hip and Dave showed me hot to walk properly again. I also learned to slow down. when doing my exercises. Thanks Dave for all of your patience, kindness and great knowledge."



"Lori has been inspirational in the way she treated my neck injury from a recent car accident. She gave me practical exercises I could relate to and use in my everyday life. She has helped me with improving my posture! I have loved working with her these past few weeks and look forward to continuing exercises to improve my health. Sarah and Shari were extremely helpful in the office. The atmosphere at SRPT is terrific. The office is cheerful and Dave is delightful!!!"



"When I came into SRPT with Dave Townsend, my back was in extreme pain and movement was difficult. During the 5 1/2 weeks of therapy through manipulation, stretches and exercise, I'm feeling so improved and good and back to my normal activity. Thank you Dave!"



"Dave and Danielle worked with me about my knee injury & getting back to running. I had a lot of weakness identified through their discovery & exercise program. We created a complete program of strengthening and working out knots in different muscles in my legs. Danielle is a special person & she knows hot to find those knots and she taught me how to do that on my own. I am so impressed by the amount of progress I have made within a short period of time through PT sessions at SRPT & the digital support about the exercises via internet allows me to continue my particular program beyond the PT sessions. Thank you Dave & Danielle! "



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