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Here are just a few of the client testimonials that we have received from a variety of patients that we have treated. We strive to provide this same level of care to all of our patients.

Biggest Asset in Your Training Belt

As a former World and National Champion, athletes frequently ask me what is the winning formula. How do you go faster without injury and increase your performance without upping your recovery time? Although training, nutrition, sleep and equipment are all part of that equation, Dave Townsend of SRPT has to be added to the list of ingredients. I recently went to Dave for assistance in addressing a chronic hip and SI joint issue that I had given up hope on. However, after two hours with Dave, I went out the next day and put out higher wattage than I had ever done, won a sprint against a group I never thought I could, and did it all pain free. Dave has helped a number of my clients with everything from their comfort on the bike, to putting out more power, to being more efficient, to ensuring that old injuries are not stressed and new injuries are avoided. Looking for the next step in advancing your performance or being more comfortable? I highly recommend working with Dave. He explains what he sees in your body and how it translates on your bike clearly and informatively. He maps out a plan to address your needs and spends the necessary time to ensure you understand it. He works well with coaches and will quickly become one of your biggest assets in your training tool belt!
-Gianna Roberge, Team Speed Queen

Miracle Workers

Dave Townsend and SRPT are miracle workers as far as I am concerned! After 2 full years of sporadic pain and immobility, I had started to believe this was what life as an Elite level athlete was to be like. Dave invited me to stop by for a consultation and within 20 minutes I was moving in ways that I had not been able to in years…. and WITH almost half the pain I had become accustomed to!

3 visits later, and after following the rehabilitation exercises Dave laid out for me, I was moving nearly pain free and functioning as an athlete with full mobility and increased functionality.

2 years of pain remedied in 4 visits. While I know that for a lot of folks this wouldn't be the case due to their specific needs, it was the case for me. I am still pain free and flexible where I once was not. All thanks to Dave's incredible ability to target and understand the issues I was having.

Thank God for the amazing staff at SRPT!
-Jonathan Lee

The Right Combination

Dave Townsend at SRPT has just the right combination of profound technical skills, a warm, calm, and open bedside manner, and most importantly, a compassionate and giving heart. He has become not only an invaluable healthcare supporter, but a friend as well.
- Josh Bernstein

Repeat Patient

A veteran of multiple sport and work related injuries, I have been treated by numerous physical therapists over the last twenty years. Dave Townsend at SRPT has repeatedly provided me with a personalized level of attention unlike any other therapist I have known. Knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding, and a great sense of humor are all words I would use to describe Dave and the staff at SRPT. Believe it or not, I actually find myself looking forward to my therapy sessions. After my recent knee surgery, SRPT helped me regain my strength quickly and had me back at work in a matter of weeks. I highly recommend SRPT for injury or surgery recovery. Thanks Dave!
-Greg Adams

Get Better

Dave Townsend at SRPT is a very patient and thorough physical therapist who was instrumental in my recovery. His knowledge and understanding of how the human body operates and his curious nature were paramount in getting to the body of my injuries. I found his cycling expertise to be especially helpful for me and essential when it came to devising an exercise recovery program that met my needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering from an injury and would like to not only get better, but thrive.
-Emily Covington

From a Terrible-Two Competitor

I race bikes to help maintain my health. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with degenerated disks in my neck. The result was pinched nerves which caused severe pain running down my arms. I was unable to train but with with the help of Dave Townsend at SRPT, the pain is under control and I am training and racing my bike again. In fact, this June I competed in the Terrible Two Bike Race here in Sonoma County and came in 6th overall. Dave is always helpful when I see him at events around the county, offering to check me out on the spot. He is extremely dedicated to his profession and honestly enjoys seeing his clients succeed in life. Thanks Dave!
-Doug McKenzie

Rotator Cuff Rehab

Dave Townsend at SRPT came highly recommended to me two years ago by another friend who had recently dislocated his shoulder. I had just completed a rotator cuff tear surgery and was eager to regain functionality of my right arm. SRPT was essential to my recovery through Dave's extensive knowledge, advice and understanding of what it takes to exercise and recover from the pain of an injury. SRPT’s sharing and professionalism helped me recover with full functionality. In May, 2010 I had rotator cuff surgery on my other arm and I have returned to SRPT for my recovery. I feel confident about regaining full use of my left arm. Thank You Dave!

Two Hip Resurfacing Surgeries and Degenerative Arthritis

After two hip resurfacing surgeries, I have profoundly benefited from the physical therapy provided by Dave Townsend at SRPT. In one case I had to completely rebuild my hip muscles that had atrophied due to degenerative arthritis over many years. Dave's skills have recreated my movement to a fully restored and active individual. I can now enjoy travel and outdoor activities that I would never have considered before. My husband welcomes my return to our walks which has also not been possible for years. I feel like a brand new person - thank you Dave!
-Patricia Knight

Firefighter and Pro Ultra Endurance MTBer

I am a full time firefighter that happens to find time to race in the Pro Ultra Endurance MTB scene. In 2008 I made the switch from the short XC MTB Racing (2hr races) to the longer Endurance Races (8hr and 24hr Solo MTB Races). As a result of the increased training I came down with tendonitis in my left hamstring. I went in a saw Dave Townsend at Santa Rosa Physical Therapy. I had just finished my first 24hr Solo event in which I placed 2nd in the Pro Field. My plans were to compete in another 24hr Solo event two months later. Dave had his work cut out as I was in a lot of pain yet determined to continue to train for the event. Dave did a tremendous job in diagnosing my issue and aggressively treated it with detail and care. Dave is himself an avid cyclist and his PT experience and cycling background definitely came into play when treating me. I am pleased to say that Dave was able to rehab my hamstring while allowing me to continue to ride my bike. I had no hamstring pain during the race and was successful in placed 3rd in an elite field of pro athletes.

The following year, I injured my shoulder at work and immediately after the initial doctor's visit I requested Santa Rosa PT. Dave got to work right away on my shoulder and provided me with the appropriate therapy to get me back to work as soon as possible. Once again Dave came through and after a month of aggressive PT I was symptom free and back to work.

Without doubt or hesitation I would recommend Dave and the services he provides at Santa Rosa Physical Therapy.
-Mike Harrison

ACL Replacement

I was lucky enough to be a patient of Dave Townsend’s at SRPT both before and after my ACL-replacement. Throughout my rehabilitation Dave was thorough with his assessment; tailored his treatment plan to my physical activities and me; answered all my questions; and explained the physiology in understandable terms. He was always professional, friendly, and encouraging. I have and will continue to refer family and friends to SRPT. When my orthopedist was reviewing the list of physical therapists in the area and I asked for a recommendation, he said go to “Super Dave” at SRPT, he’ll take good care of you. He was right.
-Karen Wuopio

All Treated Equally

Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend gardener with a temperamental back or a post surgery rehab individual, Dave at SRPT treats you with equal effort, enthusiasm and expertise. He wants what you want for your physical health: To be able to avoid injury, make lasting changes through a personalized program so that endless doctor visits and physical therapy appointments are no longer needed.

I have been to different physical therapists over the years, and even have degrees in physical education myself but Dave is the best combination of ingredients (expertise, professionalism, personality and dedication to client’s needs) that I have ever found. I trust him with my care, and recommend him to anyone serious about rehab success.

Santa Rosa Physical Therapy makes rehab a positive and rewarding experience. The staff spends time each visit determining the right mix of programs and techniques to help each person reach their goals.

Dave Townsend and Lori Barekman at Santa Rosa Physical Therapy have the professional training and expertise to zero in on what each person needs and tailor a rehab program to produce lasting results. They will motivate you to work as hard as they do to get you to the finish line of your treatment.
-Linda Cotter

Kindness, Motivational Skills, and Knowledge

When I first came to SRPT, it was with little enthusiasm. I am sure that I was not the first and likely not the last who has felt this way. Before I met Dr. Lori Barekman, I thought I would just go back to work after my shoulder had healed. Although my doctor prescribed physical therapy, I really didn’t see why it would be necessary.

After our 1st meeting, I realized that my plan for my lazy arm would not be an option. Though I was still feeling great pain, I did not have the desire to do the exercises you requested. Even the minimal motion involved with your prescription was uncomfortable. Ignoring my discomfort, each week I completed the regimen and each week the effect of your kindness, motivational skills, and knowledge offered me more range of motion. You went out of your way to accommodate my schedule and each week I was prompted to set the goal higher. It is because of your patience and dedication to your clients that caused me to persevere to a point of total recovery.

In my work I am now able to go about my business with full mobility. Upon occasion, I have to reach very high or lift something to an awkward location. It is when I can perform these duties with ease that I think of you and want to say.....A very Special Thanks to you Dr. Lori Barekman.
-Kelly Gavazza

What You Did Was Unimaginable!

Dave, I want to let you know that I had a great, pain-free ride at the 2010 Fondo. I rode the 60 mile route which offered great scenery and great support. The best part was going up Coleman Valley Road without any kneecap discomfort. I could 'push' as hard as I wished (and I needed to on some stretches) but it was a manageable climb.

I can now say that Dave, you did do the 'unimaginable’. You not only got me back to 'flat-land' bicycling without knee problems, but you have gotten me all the way back to the big climbs that I love (hate?). A great combination of better bike fit, physical therapy at SRPT, and exercises for home.
-Bill Hyatt

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