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Santa Rosa Physical Therapy - Dave Townsend, MPT

"I believe that anything is possible, and I like to share that with my clients so that they can reach their goals," says Dave, who has owned and operated SRPT since 2002. His own goal is simple: to provide the best physical therapy experience in Sonoma County, by treating clients with the care and precision he’d extend to friends and family. 
Committed to a hands-on approach, Dave specializes in chronic pain, cycling and running injuries. He earned a BS in Exercise Science with an emphasis in sports medicine and athletic training from the University of California, Davis, where he worked with the athletic training program and ran Track and Field with the Aggies NCAA Division II Team for four years. He received his Master’s in Physical Therapy, with honors, from Nova Southeastern University. Since then, Dave has taken numerous courses in Orthopedic Manual Therapy and Sports Physical Therapy, including
postgraduate courses from the Institute of Physical Art with Gregg Johnson, PT. He is also a Gold Certified BikePT fitter. Dave lives with his wife and three children in Santa Rosa, where he enjoys outdoor adventures with his family, running, and biking on the beautiful local trails and roads.


Santa Rosa Physical Therapy - Danielle Eley, MPT

“My patients inspire me as much as I inspire them," says Danielle, who has a great eye for analyzing movement and a reputation for stellar results using focused manual therapy treatments. Her positive attitude and smile, combined with her expertise and passion for physical therapy, makes her a perfect fit at SRPT. Danielle received an undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology from California State University, Chico, and a Master’s in Physical Therapy from California State University, Long Beach. Last year [2014? provide actual year so bio remains current] she launched a popular weekly wellness-based fitness class at SRPT. Participants have experienced weight loss, increased strength, injury prevention, and improved overall health and wellbeing. Danielle likes running, hiking, and backpacking with her husband and her big puppy, Josie.


Santa Rosa Physical Therapy - Lori Barekman, MSPT

“I love watching my clients learn new things about their bodies and discover key components of movement that will have an impact on their lives,” says Lori. With a keen eye for posture and body mechanics and an impressive 25+ years of experience, she helps her clients reach their goals in an encouraging, positive setting. A certified manual therapist, she has a particular expertise in the assessment of joint and soft-tissue dysfunction—the root cause of many chronic pain problems—and in running injuries. She also specializes in women’s health issues (such as osteoporosis prevention, exercise training, and fall prevention). Lori received her Master of Science from USC, a specialty certification in Manual Therapy from the Institute of Physical Therapy, St. Augustine, FL, and a Certificate in Women’s Health Physical Therapy from Texas Woman’s University in Houston. A Sonoma resident and the supermom of two awesome kids, Lori is an ultra runner who regularly finishes in the top of her age group. She loves spending time outdoors and participating in community activities. She is also fluent in Spanish, and enjoys addressing the needs of Spanish-speaking clients. 




 “First and foremost I’m a nerd, but an athletic one. I love how physical therapy mixes science, medicine, and fitness, with the added bonus of a human connection,” says CJ, an orthopedic physical therapist who specializes in manual therapy and bike fitting. “Santa Rosa Physical Therapy fosters rapport with clients—something that’s incredibly important to me, as I need to let my sense of humor run free.” Not surprisingly, he’s an accomplished athlete to boot. His passion for motorsport eventually morphed into cycling and racing road bikes. He’s also a huge fan of rock climbing. CJ earned a BA in kinesiology at California State University, Stanislaus, and a doctorate in physical therapy from University of the Pacific. Currently a resident of Santa Rosa, CJ hails from 150 miles away in Turlock, CA, where his grandmother has the distinction of living in that city’s oldest structure.


Jessica’s mission is to empower clients with her expertise, helping them gain independence with their own treatment process—the best recipe for long-lasting results and achieving personal goals. Driven by her clients’ successes, she believes in teaching correct form and technique first—then building from that solid foundation. “Like training to run instead of just running to train,” says Jessica, who earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the University of New England. “With proper form and technique you’re much less prone to injury.”  An adventurer, runner, writer, listener, artist, explorer, and lover of good food, Jessica has traveled to more than 23 countries and has lived all over the United States. Always up for a challenge, she is currently renovating a 100-year old house in Sonoma—and enjoying every minute of it.



“Motion is lotion” is Gail’s mantra. A physical therapist with an emphasis on Pilates rehabilitation, Gail revels in the detective aspect of her work: determining a client’s movement-system problem or impairment. “I love motivating people to move, helping them reach their goals, and teaching clients of all ages the skills to keep active and healthy,” she says. Gail graduated from UC Davis in 1978 with Bachelor of Science degrees in Physiology and Psychology. She earned a postgraduate degree in physical therapy from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Regis University. With a lifelong passion for learning, she continually discovers new techniques and strategies to help clients attain their objectives. An active athlete herself, she loves to run, bike, swim, ski, and hike, and participates in triathlons, 10K races, and half-marathons. She lives in Santa Rosa with her husband, with whom she has three grown children—including a daughter who is also a physical therapist!


Santa Rosa Physical Therapy - Shari Henthorne, Account Coordinator

“I love to see returning patients—that’s how we know that we’re doing a good job,” says Shari, who manages all of our patient accounts at SRPT. Have a question about your bill? Need some help with an insurance-payment problem? She’s is your go-to person, an enthusiastic multitasker who will go above and beyond to resolve any issue. In her spare time, Shari enjoys bike riding, spending time with her husband and three children, and taking on home-improvement projects.



Santa Rosa Physical Therapy - Sarah Beard, Relations Coordinator

“I love chatting with our patients and getting to know them. Each day is so unique; you never know what someone will share with you when they walk in the door,” says Sarah, who shines at making clients feel welcome, comfortable, and important from the moment they step in the office—whether she’s setting up an appointment, answering questions, or any of the myriad other responsibilities she takes on. A married Bay Area native with a huge extensive family, Sarah loves to cook, bake, read, hike, play in the rain, go off-roading, camp with her family, and volunteer in the community. 


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