Our bike-fitting process is different—we consider it from a body perspective. Any flaw in your body mechanics, or in your position on the bike, can lead to poor performance and injury. Our goal is to have your body and bike perfectly tuned and working in sync at maximum efficiency. Our Gold Certified Bike PT fitter, Dave Townsend, MPT, will evaluate your position on the bike using manual goniometric measurements and tools to identify any improper joint angles. They’ll evaluate your body to identify any issues with flexibility, range of motion, spine mobility, joint stability, or muscle-strength imbalances. You’ll get a concise, personalized plan for making the body changes and bike adjustments needed to make you more efficient, more comfortable, and faster!  You’ll ride with more comfort, increase efficiency and power output, correct muscle imbalances, optimize pedaling biomechanics, and solve overuse injuries.  

“As a professional cyclist, I know how important it is to have a physical therapist I can trust and
who is knowledgeable about sports injuries. Dave and everyone at Santa Rosa PT have years of experience
working with top athletes in the area. Thanks to Dave I was able to address my injuries early on, 
preventing any chronic pain, and ensuring optimal performance”.


Bike and Body Fitting with Santa Rosa Physical Therapy


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